Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Apocalypse of the Lambs

Whenever I watch Apocalypse Now or Silence of the Lambs I get those Deja Vu vibes, especially because of the symbolic use of lambs and cows in the movies.

Here is my compilation video:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Napalm Girl

Here is Napalm Girl video

Could someone, like ANYONE, please explain why I might be wrong here - I'm all ears.

EDIT - 18 June 2014

A person trying to act as a detractor [I think americans say troll?] has in fact supplied two images that instantly prove the fraud without even needing to go to the evidence in the video.

One is a repeat of the original [doctored, now called PhotoShopped] image that won the Prize in 1972 and the other is a photo that is slightly different to those in my video.

The official american story asks you to believe that "someone" dropped a Hail Bomb [ie a Carpet Bomb] on the Village of Trang Bang, West of Saigon [as it was before america intervened].

The story says WITHOUT WARNING certain people ran from the village down the road [apparently East to Saigon but not important] and one was a pre pubescent girl Kim whose clothes had been "ripped from her body" by the napalm [including her all important panties].

Let's forget for now that the other kids were all said to arrive at the "photo opportunity spot" at the same time but not one other piece of clothing was even singed [and nor was Kim's hair or any part of the front of her body].

So let's just concentrate ON the story from the american govt which says Kim ran down road screaming, Ut took a CHANCE photo and "someone" grabbed her and took her to a "hospital".  That is to say she was NOT required to turn around and do multiple runs down the same road so the "media assembled" could have multiple versions of her "agony", from which to pick the most "meaningful".

With those "rules" in place we can examine THREE aspects of the photos above, which are essentially at same position on the road [the lower one at most 50 yards further on].

1.  The Napalm clouds in the background have basically dispersed in the lower photo by comparison to the Pulitzer photo, and while it would be very difficult to work out the time difference, we can say with certainty that the two photos were not on the same run, and that the lower photo was taken after the Pulitzer one.

2.  In the Pulitzer photo there are men dressed as soldiers AND carrying guns.  Whether or not they are actual soldiers is not important but at least for the sake of the story it helps to make the Pulitzer photo "believable", albeit the one on the far right reloading a camera has always been "passed, without comment".

Using the roadside "markers", [if we are to swallow the story] Kim has advanced an absolute maximum of 50 yards, so this is an absolute maximum of 10 seconds after the Pulitzer photo.  But we see that after the Pulitzer photo at least 2 film crews [with "full Kubrick" shoulder mounted cameras] have moved in between Kim and the soldiers.

One has to ask [apart from why were the film crews THERE] are these film crews as fleet footed as the grandma who is shown in my video above as outsprinting the kids with a near dead baby in her hands to the photo opportunity spot by a minute or so?

3.  Well there is no real need to get hot under the collar regarding such fleetfootedness as the kids themselves provide the answer.

If we are to believe in the one run story then [to use the names I give kids in my video] Blackpants and Tracksuit, who are lagging behind Kim, not only need to need to double her speed to get past her by lower photo but also need to "levitate" themselves from the right side of road some 20 yards to the left, come to a halt and start to wander back for next Take.  And Shorts would have needed to suddenly stop his run and head back to where we see him in front of another new mystery man carrying a water can or some such.

So the only answer is this photo was taken some minutes later on a completely NEW run down the road by Kim, TOTALLY disqualifying the story from Washington that this was a CHANCE photo by Ut [who is never seen in any photo/video at all].

This leads to a choice of two conclusions.

1.  The whole thing was a hoax including the horrifically bad attempt at Makeup on Kim's back.

2.  The more horrific conclusion that the burns WERE real, meaning that Kim was subjected to the added torture of having to wait for help [if any] until she had satisfied the need to get the perfect propaganda photo for a bogus Pulitzer Prize.

While one can never write off the HORROR of america's hate fueled McCarthy style genocide, that conclusion obviously can not explain why a "full Hollywood" film crew had been dispatched to Trang Bang that morning.

So, like 9/11, a FULL hoax is the only conclusion to be drawn.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Theme

FF Coppola was what was referred to as "a student of the Vietnam War", and as such collected all the newspaper clippings, as we all did, for no particular purpose other than to hope that one day we might "tell the world" about this American genocide, even though we knew "nobody was at home".

But Coppola was the only "lucky one" to have the money and guts to make a movie about it, and you can see he even got to use his clippings ["don't lose them, we can talk about them later"].

From the point of view of the soldier, the Frenchman explains the war as America fighting for the "biggest piece of nothing in history".

From the point of view of the "Grocery Clerks" who NEEDED the war, that is best explained by another film, The Pelican Brief - 1993:
Note the skillful transition from the screeching pelicans in their sanctuary to the screeching J Doe in his sanctuary [now pronked as his closet] with HAL sitting back laughing at how well his strategy [pronked as polarization or pitching Tweedle Dee Party against Tweedle Dum Party] is working to keep him in that Oval Office.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is one of my long term favorite movies, maybe not because of, but in spite of the fact I was drafted [as an Australian] in 1965 to be part of this American Apocalypse/Genocide.

When the movie was released in 1979 I had shed most of the Rambo style HORROR [of J Doe spitting on us and calling us "baby killers", despite the fact we were simply Universal Soldiers as per Buffy Sainte-Marie] and had become "human" again, having forgiven J Doe for being such an asshole, and no longer wanting to empty a can of his Agent Orange over his sanctimonious head.  So I figured another crappy John Wayne style Yippee about American Heroes, and skipped the film.

It was not till 1994, after my divorce [which I guess like for Willard here was par for the course for any of us Vietnam Victims/Veterans] that I watched it on TV and it "put the hooks in me" from that first view, ie it was NOT a "War Yippee" like Full Metal Underpants or Saving Ryan's Privates etc etc, ie the very type of obnoxious "war movies" satirized by John Lennon's movie How I Won the War, which I saw in 1967, just prior to the Blue Bus for Vietnam.

I have watched it since then maybe 50 times for the original I recorded from TV in 1994 and 10 times since the "Detox" version [aka FF Coppola's Superannuation Edition - but he deserved it as seen from his wife's doco Hearts of Darkness].